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World Peace Programme

World Peace Programme (WPP) for Sustainable Development Network is an affiliate of the Universal Peace, World Peace and Diplomatic Mission Organizations’ Programme aimed at restoring global peace through commitment, partnerships and stakeholders collaboration.

It is established, governed and headed by the Director General who is a Diplomat, World Peace Ambassador and United Nations International Volunteer.

WPP is one of the World’s largest humanitarian coodinating peace arm that renders assistance Worldwide.

The World Peace Programme has been working internationally to support Schools, Religion Institutions and Governments of different countries with evidence-informed and localized resources in order to integrate sustainable development into curricula, operations, and activities. 

WPP works with governments, private organisations, UN Agencies, and International Institutions, NGOs and others to mobilise resources, reach vulnerable communities with assistance they need ,when they need it and innovative solutions.

It’s headquartered in Nigeria, West Africa and has offices in some countries in the world.

Our Director General

H.E. Amb. Duke Prof.Dr. Olumuyiwa Babalola Ezekiel, is the Director General of the World Peace Programme (WPP) and current Nigeria Representative of the World Peace Organization (WPO), He is a United Nations International Volunteer and Global Advisor of United Nations Human Rights Organisation (UNHRO), Srilanka. Also appointed as an Ambassador of Human Rights at the Federazione Nobili Europei Uniti, Italy. He is the President of Globastorm Safety Foundation (GSAFO), also, an Honorary Advisor/ Representative of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity in Nigeria from Albania. He is an Advisor and Chancellor of World Diplomatic Club representing Nigeria from USA. He is currently appointed as the Special Assistant on Peace and Security from the Homeland Security Foundation of America to the Government of Nigeria.

Prof.Muyiwa Babalola

 is a member of many World Organizations and has received multiple Awards from world prestigious Institutions and International Organizations.

He acquired his first degree from Federal University of Technology, Akure, (Chemistry/Biochemistry) after his Diploma program from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife and a professional course of the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory & Technology Nigeria. He also attended Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA and St’ George’s University, London, to acquire some higher certificates. He also attended European Open University for Postgraduate and Professional studies in Bioseparations Engineering and Analytical Techniques respectfully with Masters and Doctorate degree in the following fields: Business Administration (MBA) and Nonprofit Management respectfully with 38 (Ph.D) honors and 5 Honorary Professorship in different fields.
Now, Academic Professor of Peace and Conflict Resolution. Metropolitan International University (MIU), USA. 

He is the Convener of the National Peace Advisers (NPAs) to assist the Government of Nigeria On Peace and Conflict Matters.

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Our Partners

Join the Movement for Peace

At WPP, we believe that peace is not an abstract ideal, but a tangible goal that can be achieved through collective action. We invite individuals, organizations, governments, and institutions to join our movement for peace.

Together, we can create a world where harmony, justice, and prosperity prevail, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Our Team

Amb. Dr. Piya Maharjan

Deputy Director General

StellaRita Asogwa

Diplomatic Relations/Women Affairs

Dr. Sayed Salim Al Sous

Assistant Director

Mkamburi Gladys

Advisor, Community Development

Amb. Pastor Elias Soussan,

WPP Ambassador


Aims & Objectives

1. Foster Conflict Resolution: To actively promote and facilitate peaceful conflict resolution through dialogue, mediation, and negotiation among individuals, communities, or nations facing conflicts.

2. Advocate for Human Rights: To champion the protection and promotion of human rights, ensuring dignity, equality, and justice for all individuals, particularly those vulnerable to violence and oppression.

3. Promote Interfaith Harmony: To encourage interfaith dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among diverse religious and cultural groups to build bridges and foster harmony.

4. Empower Women and Youth: To empower women and youth by providing education, training, and resources, thereby enabling them to become agents of peace and positive change in their communities.

5. Support Disarmament Initiatives: To actively engage in initiatives promoting disarmament, arms control, and non-proliferation efforts, contributing to a safer and more peaceful world.

6. Strengthen Peacebuilding Capacity: To develop and strengthen the capacity of local communities and organizations in peacebuilding strategies and conflict resolution techniques.

7. Promote Sustainable Development: To advocate for and support sustainable development practices that address root causes of conflict and contribute to long-lasting peace and prosperity.

8. Address Environmental Concerns: To raise awareness about environmental issues and promote responsible and sustainable practices that contribute to peace, recognizing the interconnectedness between environmental degradation and conflict.

9. Engage in Humanitarian Assistance: To provide humanitarian aid and support to those affected by conflicts and disasters, ensuring basic needs are met and fostering resilience and hope.

10. Collaborate with Global Partners: To establish partnerships and collaborations with national and international peace organizations, governments, and NGOs to amplify the impact of peace initiatives and promote a coordinated approach to peacebuilding.

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